Panaskopic Productions was founded by industry professionals with years of combined experience working in the marketing departments and front offices of well-respected Northern California construction firms. We tailor all of our services to fit the needs of our hard working clients, and we’re able to anticipate those needs because we stay on the industry’s cutting edge. When not in the office, we’re attending trade shows, participating in industry roundtables, and spending time in the field with our clients. No other construction-focused media, marketing and design firm is as active within the Northern California construction community as we are. When we say we’re focused on construction, we really mean it.



Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed. Whether your company’s goal is to generate more leads, win more bids, or work on bigger projects, the Panaskopic team can customize a marketing strategy to take your business to the next level. We earn the trust of our hard working clients by getting them the results they deserve and expect. In fact, Panaskopic clients are so satisfied that over seventy percent of our new accounts come from referrals, and ninety-five percent of our clients return to Panaskopic for their media, marketing, and design needs. We’d love to show you why.



We’re a close-knit family of dedicated professionals, each working carefully and tirelessly toward a single goal: your peace of mind. Trust that when you work with us, you become a part of the Panaskopic family. From your first email, phone call, or office visit, to that final handshake (and beyond), we’re there to guide you through every stage of the process. We listen to your input, speak your language, and leave the technical mumbo-jumbo to our competition. Giving you the media, marketing, and design tools you need to realize your professional potential is our pleasure. Together, we’ll create a cohesive marketing plan based on your company's values, strengths, target market, and sub-industry. Together, we’ll help you craft a brand your clients can believe in.



At Panaskopic, we know the difference between a casual snapshot and a precisely-composed photograph; a fresh, complete marketing strategy and a string of tired slogans; dynamic, user-friendly web layout and recycled, cookie-cutter content. That’s because everyone on our team of dedicated experts in marketing, web design, photography, and videography has attained a level of expertise that quite simply blows our competition away. Whether we’re editing close-ups of a stunning countertop or cabinet, sending our cutting-edge drones into the sky to capture panoramic visions of a fresh new addition, or laying out an irresistibly eye-catching landing page, our expertise, like yours, shines through the details. Like you, we’re masters of our craft. This is what we do..